Smart Systems


  • Remotely control connected lights or devices via APP
  • 3 working modes with self-locking, interlock and inching mode for even remote control garage door and roller blinds
  • Support scheduling a timer to make devices automatically start and stop to work
  • Customize smart scenes to make the device connected with the switch to trigger other devices
  • Share the control permission of devices to other accounts to control together
  • Check real-time ON/OFF status of devices on your mobile phone
  • Power on state allows users to set the On/Off/Keep status for the connected device before power failure and ensure it remains the arranged status after power restoration


Make Your Dumb Home into Smart with Your DIY Idea

4CHR3 4-gang Wi-Fi Smart Switch & 4CHPROR3 4-gang Wi-Fi Smart Switch with RF Control

Quick to Access 3 Working Modes

Compared with 4CHPROR2, you can access self-locking, interlock and inching mode on APP directly

Automate More Devices – Interlock Mode

One channelcontrols one work status, enable interlock to turn on 1 channel
and turn off other channels simultaneously
Tap one channel to pull your blinds/garage door up and another to. pull it down without getting off to close it manually.